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"Thelma Gruss has been my yoga and meditation instructor for almost 20 years. I have grown tremendously through her teachings and guidance. She possesses an infinite amount of knowledge and wisdom and enjoys sharing it with others. It is apparent in her presence alone that she is on a path of continuous education, as both student and teacher, acquiring the wonderful benefits that are offered by the practice of yoga and meditation."


Nancy James
Lifetime Student

"Thelma is a wonderful teacher who enjoys what she does and gets you to enjoy it, too! If I could bottle the peaceful feeling she left us with after our retreat, I'd make a million dollars!"


Kelly Sheriden
Mercy Associates

"Thelma is a gift and blessing. She has been my teacher and mentor for 10 years and alone her presence creates a safe space that allows me to do the hard work of self discovery. I trust her guidance completely and have been rewarded by connecting with the sacred space within."


Christine Brown
Occupational Therapist

"Thelma, I think of you and our work together from time to time. It always reminds me of the clarity I felt after doing the postures and movement. The clarity and serenity stayed with me for days. The memory is still with me after these several years. I recommend your work so highly."


Bonnie Kaufman

"I have been coming to Thelma’s yoga sessions on and off since 1986. These sessions have proven to be invaluable to my spiritual growth and have brought me greater happiness, stability and sense of purpose. Thelma is a gracious and gifted teacher and I value her guidance. At the end of each session I feel much more energy and in control of my destiny."


Patricia A. Leef
Student for Life

“I remember one of the first times I participated in a yoga and meditation class with Thelma. After the class, I went outside, opened my eyes, and the world was vivid. Not in some abstract way. Everything just looked beautiful. So I kept coming back. And that was over 20 years ago.”


Jackie MacMillan

"The yoga and meditation that Thelma teaches is serious but she presents it in an unpretentious and fun way. She has the background of study, the discipline of practice, the drive, and most importantly, the calling for this work. A teacher of this caliber that embodies all of these qualities is not easy to find. Anyone would be lucky to study with her."


Charles Zink

"I am a Professional Nurse and I have known and admired Thelma Gruss for a number of years. In the past I spent 10 years as a student in her Yoga classes and the experience was transformative. With her wisdom, presence and skilled teaching, I was able to master skills and insights which have enriched my life. Chief among them was learning to meditate and find a peaceful center to balance the stresses of my life. Thelma shares her knowledge with humor and compassion. She is a wonderful and effective communicator whom I can recommend wholeheartedly."


Sincerely, Cynthia Parker RN

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