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Thelma has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 25 years and has practiced advanced meditation techniques herself for thousands of hours. She has explored its many benefits, and is an excellent guide and teacher committed to helping others launch their own inner exploration and find their way to better health and a greater sense of well being.

Thelma Gruss RN, certified yoga instructor, conducts meditation workshops, seminars, and retreats. She has provided on-site services for organizations, businesses, treatment facilities, rehabilitation programs, colleges, and schools. She has also worked with healthcare workers, children, teenagers, teachers, and various groups in need of better ways to handle stress.

Thelma founded the Baltimore School of Yoga in 1992, and now owns and operates Applied Yoga Solutions. She is an experienced psychiatric nurse who has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to improving mental health.


It must be done in order to be understood. A few years ago I was asked to teach yoga and meditation to people who were in residential treatment for gambling addiction. The first morning that I arrived, participants had to be coaxed from bed at 8 a.m. They did not want to participate. Still sleepy, they reluctantly dragged themselves into the room with their shoulders slumped and their heads down. I selected a yoga/meditation series that dealt primarily with will and determination to address the resolve they needed to overcome addictive behavior. They were wonderfully cooperative and seemed to earnestly do each exercise. After class they were a little stunned by the effect that doing the set had on them. “What happened to me?” one of the men asked, “What was that?”

“You went into yourself”, I said.

The next time I came, they were already in the room waiting for me, and after that morning, they were so anxious to begin class that they were waiting outside the building for me. To do what?

Meditation is an encounter of self with self. “What was that?” is something I have heard many people say when they first start meditating with an experienced guide. “What did I just feel?” Where did I go?” What begins as a strange encounter with ‘what that was’, develops into a relationship with what that is…one’s self. And although it’s a great, happy occasion if we happen to meet our one true love in real life, nothing equals the peace we feel when we find the true self that exists within. That’s why meditation is so remarkable. It is self to self. We go into territory where no one else can possibly enter.

Meditation is a deeply, deeply personal encounter that belongs to only us—a place to think what we think, feel what we feel, and know what we know.

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