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Thelma Gruss offers businesses, organizations, and individuals customized meditation programs that guide individuals on an inner journey of exploration and greater self-awareness. A program of advanced meditation techniques and systematic instruction helps individuals acquire self-mastery, optimum health, renewed creativity, effective coping skills, and more control over their internal state.


People need time to be reflective and meditate. Today, the time spent with outside awareness is now way out of proportion to time spent with inner awareness, so conscious management of how one is handling experiences fails to happen. Internal stimulation increases exponentially, and an unsupervised system is multi-tasking and time traveling. The consequence of this neglect to manage is stress, burn-out, poor job performance, and a sense that one’s health and well-being are out of control. And they are.

Meditation draws individuals into their own center of operations. It allows one to go within and be aware of one’s inner self for awhile. It allows a person to get the machinery running smoothly, to experience a sense of peace and harmony. Meditation provides an effective method for self-awareness and inner management.

Meditation is a highly evolved practice. Many people who believe meditation is simple and approach it sincerely but in a do-it-yourself manner often do not stick with it. They may find themselves ruminating or thinking about all they have to do or they may fall asleep. They can easily become restless or bored after a short time and feel that meditation is a waste of time.

An experienced meditation teacher helps the meditation exercise prove relevant. Thelma can keep you alert and interested. She will teach you how to guide your awareness, navigate within your own realm, and discover a deeper, more authentic self. You can learn how to carry yourself with a sense of peace and clarity, and live your life with a greater sense of purpose.

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